How can I open a stockbroking account with Dynamic Portfolio

To open an account, you will need to submit a completed account opening form, a completed brokerage agreement and all required supporting documents to our offices. Your account should be up and running within 24 hours of submitting all items. A relationship manager will contact you should you require additional support in completing the account opening process.

Can I access my stockbroking account online

Yes, we have an interactive online portal that allows you to take full control of the management of your brokerage account. Through our online portal, you can view your account balance, see details of transactions on your account, place new orders, and analyse the performance of your portfolio from any location at any time.


How can I fund my account

You can deposit funds either via bank draft/cheque or bank transfer. The value date for cheques or bank drafts will be 2 days from date of deposit, while value date for transfers will be on the date we receive the funds in our account.

If you are a foreign client transferring foreign currencies to our bank account, we will give you value at the prevailing conversion rate advised by the bank at that point in time and request for, on your behalf, a Certificate of Capital Importation (CCI) from the bank.


How can I transfer my existing stockbroking account to Dynamic Portfolio

If you want to transfer your existing account to us, you will first be required to open a stockbroking account with us, then submit a completed inter–member transfer form  and CSCS current stock position to our offices


How can I get my dividends and bonuses

We can open an e–credit account on your behalf where your dividends can be paid into electronically by the registrars.

We can also open an e–bonus account for you with the Central Securities Clearing System (CSCS), where your bonus shares can be electronically credited.